Lost Wages Analysis Needed in Sick Building Syndrome Case

mold expert witnessThis case involves a former employee of an advertising firm. She earned over $100k per year and was terminated from her position shortly after she began complaining of symptoms consistent with ‘sick building syndrome.’ Her employer knowingly terminated her as she had developed these complications. The plaintiff alleges that she is owed just compensation for wrongful termination and injuries sustained (ie: sick building syndrome, respiratory complications) while working in the company’s mold-infested office space.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. How can lost wages be calculated in this type of case?

Expert Witness Response E-006329

Expert-ID: E-006329

In cases of alleged wrongful termination, a determination of lost wages usually requires an analysis of a myriad of factors. These can include actual wages paid to the former employee, but can also include potential benefits (meal allowance, insurance, etc.) conferred. Additionally, an inquiry into the amount of time that wages were withheld, any bonuses that could have been paid out, and other items that are provided to an employee is needed to flesh out the details of the compensatory aspects of the plaintiff’s previous position. By examining the specifics of the plaintiff’s time at the advertising firm, I can determine what the lost wages were.


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