Supposed Leak by Negligently Installed Door Causes Inquiry

This case involves an allegedly, negligently installed door. The plaintiff hired a contractor to install a sliding glass door leading to a deck. The contractor hired a subcontractor to install the door. Two months after construction was completed, the plaintiff noticed that the flooring by the door was stained. She alleged that it was due to a negligent installation, the result of which let water into the house when it rained. The plaintiff claimed that the defendants (the contractors) were responsible.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Was the door negligently installed as a result of the subcontractor’s actions?

Expert Witness Response E-004460

I would first examine the present condition of the building in question. Also, it is important to determine if the affected area is open to perform an inspection, and if we are required to open walls to inspect the area. Additionally, I need to ascertain if we would be expected to remove and replace the areas that need to be inspected. To identify the underlying issues in the area, we would also need to examine the site and take photos to estimate the damages sustained. I have experience working with licensed insurance adjustors, civil engineers, as well as licensed architects. I feel like my work experiences are versatile enough that I would be able to analyze the different components that may be in play with an issue like this.


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