Leaking Coils in Residential A/C Unit Caused by Design Defect

This case involves a class action suit brought against a company that manufactures A/C units. A large manufacturer produced A/C units with a design defect that resulted in leaking coils. The manufacturer did not cover the leaking coil repairs in their warranty – yet the plaintiffs’ position is that the design of this product was faulty and that the manufacturer should pay for all expenses incurred.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. After an evaluation of this product, would you be able to evaluate whether the design of the A/C unit defective?

Expert Witness Response E-004933

Consistent leaking of the coils in an A/C unit is indicative of some issue with the machine. With my experience in residential/ rooftop commercial units, coupled with my work in a quality control capacity, I can provide both the economical and professional perspective on the issues involved in defective designs. I have over twenty years of experience in this field, and currently hold a position as a design engineer at a major cooling technologies firm.


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