Law Enforcement Experts Discuss Inappropriate Harassment of Elected Official by Police Department

Police Practices Expert WitnessesThis case involves a plaintiff, a member of a local police commission, who served as an elected official whose role it was to oversee the policies, budget, and operations of the entire police department. During her term, she frequently came into conflict with the chief of police through her vocal and frequent criticism of the chief’s incompetence and abuse of office. Allegedly, the police chief therefore initiated an extensive investigation of the plaintiff, which culminated in a raid on her house, execution of a search warrant, and her subsequent arrest.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please briefly describe your experience and familiarity with criminal investigations similar in scope to this case.
  • 2. Are you comfortable opining on best practices for conducting criminal investigations and avoiding conflicts of interest?

Expert Witness Response E-079422

Expert-ID: E-079422

While this case is unique given the parties and relationships involved, it would still require the same investigative integrity as any other investigation. Moreover, it arguably should even rise to a higher level of scrutiny as one could foresee the potential conflict here. I was a police officer for 27 years of which approximately 20 were dedicated to the investigation and supervision of sensitive and complex criminal investigations. Up until my retirement, I was the investigative bureau commander overseeing the entire investigations operation. I have personally conducted, or have been involved in hundreds of criminal and internal affairs investigations as well as those involving high profile community members, involving a county supervisor and fellow law enforcement officials. I am fully comfortable with, and capable of, offering my opinion regarding best practices for conducting criminal investigations and avoiding conflicts of interest. I have reviewed and conducted criminal investigations, and I am completely aware of accepted practices for conducting criminal investigations and avoiding conflicts of interest. Several of these cases involved very high profile and sensitive matter related to officer-involved shootings. Others consisted of internal affairs investigations including one at the federal level.

Expert Witness Response E-091078

Expert-ID: E-091078

I was a police officer for 14 years with experience in criminal investigations ranging from theft to robbery to attempted homicide. I have significant experience in gathering intelligence, writing, presenting to the judiciary, planning and executing search warrants for various crimes. I have experience as a gang investigator and a narcotics investigator. I am still associated with law enforcement as a police trainer and consultant in police practices/use of force. I am comfortable with investigations and can opine upon “standard practices” for conducting them and avoiding conflicts of interest. My methodology is to review all documents and establish fact patterns as the basis for my opinions.


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