Immigration Lawyer Accused of Malpractice

Immigration Expert WitnessThis case involves a Chinese citizen who hired a Seattle, Washington based attorney to assist in applying for a visa. The plaintiff was advised by his attorney, the defendant, that a large sum of money would be required in order to begin processing the visa. After several months, no visa was issued, and the attorney claims to have incurred expenses of hundreds of thousands of dollars – only some of which was returned to the visa applicant. It appears there was a reckless misuse of client funds. It is believed that the funds have been embezzled elsewhere and were never used for the purpose of obtaining a visa for the client.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. How many EB5 VISA applications have you participated in?

Expert Witness Response E-008491

This was an outrageous amount of money. I hope the defendants get reported to the state bar. We do handle many EB-5 cases at my firm. If this was an EB-5 for an individual and not for establishing a regional center, then I would be happy to review this case. I have helped more than 80 individuals achieve permanent residency through the EB-5 program. My colleagues have recognized me as an authority in EB-5 matters, having invited me to speak at several EB-5 conferences.

Expert Witness Response E-008441

My firm has worked on about sixty EB-5 cases and eight regional center set up and application cases with the USCIS. With 18 years experiences and twenty-one attorneys in seven offices in the US, I consider my firm as an experienced team in immigration cases. I would be happy to help.


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