Human Resource Experts Discuss Alleged Wrongful Termination

Human Resources Expert WitnessThis is an employment discrimination case involving a large corporation in Alabama and an employee fired for substance abuse. During an intensive hiring and interview process for the company, the employee questioned potential new hires while high on narcotics. Far from disputing the claims, the employee admits to substance abuse, but filed suit for a wrongful termination on the grounds that his drug use stemmed from medical conditions which entitled him to disability status. An expert in Human Resources and talent acquisition was required to review the employment history of the man, along with company employee retention policies, to better determine the appropriateness of the firm’s decision to terminate their employee.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please explain why your qualifications with relation to the case.
  • 2. Do you currently teach or lecture on related issues? Have you ever published on the issues addressed in the case synopsis?

Expert Witness Response E-008733

Expert-ID: E-008733

I have extensive experience with the issues presented in this case. As a Human Resources professional with more than fifteen years of hands-on experience in designing, building, and leading employment practice operations global organizations and startups alike, I am a recognized expert in a comprehensive array of employment practice areas. I earned the distinguished Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification and was appointed by the Society of Human Resources Management to sit on the Employee Health, Security and Benefits and the Human Resources Technology Special Expertise Panels. I routinely mentor my staff and hiring managers on effective management techniques, hiring and firing techniques, and other Human Resources topics in the workplace.

Expert Witness Response E-011444

I have written a book, two book chapters, and a journal article on wellness programs from a Human Resources perspective, commenting on Employee Assistance Plans and issues such as workplace expectations of smoking cessation and weight loss. I also teach human resource management and labor relations, which are relevant courses. I have previously worked on a termination case involving an alcoholic, and a case in which an employee who resigned from his job was accused of breaching fiduciary duty.


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