Handicapped Student Severely Injured at School

scissorsThis child welfare case takes place in Minnesota and involves the treatment and safety handling of a severely disabled 12-year-old child while under the care of a local School District. In this case, a teacher’s aid was instructing the child to create an art project which required the use of scissors. The child was left unattended when he tripped and fell, stabbing himself in the face with the scissors.The child severely injured his face, eye, and exacerbated a pre-existing seizure condition.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Do you work with disabled children?
  • 2. When working with a handicapped child what safety precautions must be taken?

Expert Witness Response E-008841

I am an Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Sciences at a campus where I direct and teach the Early Childhood Education Option as well as teach in the Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program. I am very familiar with daily safety procedures for these students. Not only is this a subject that I am familiar with from my professional, working experience, it’s also a topic that I instruct and teach on. This is clearly below the standard of care. A handicapped student should never be left with a sharp object. This should not happen under any circumstance. If the necessary protocols were adhered to, this incident never would have occurred.


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