Former Pharmaceutical Firm Employee Violates Confidentiality Agreement

Drug Development Expert

This case involves a breach of an employee confidentiality agreement after a senior employee of a biopharmaceutical firm left the company in order to join a competitor. The former employee had knowledge of a particularly important clinical success with an oncology medication of high commercial value. It was alleged that the employee brought trade secrets to her new employer which significantly influenced company strategy through the development of a similar drug. An expert in chemistry was sought to can compare the relevant drugs from both the plaintiff and the defendant and opine on whether or not the defendant’s drug incorporated elements of the plaintiff’s drug in its development process.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your background in chemistry as it relates to new drug development.
  • 2. Are you capable of analyzing iterations of two similar molecules and opining on whether or not one incorporated elements from the other?

Expert Witness Response E-111343

I have a Ph.D. in chemistry, and I have studied oncology medications for more than 15 years. I am familiar with their molecular properties, as well as its interactions with small molecules, such as inhibitors. I have published more than 90 peer-reviewed articles and I am a frequent reviewer for funding agencies and peer-reviewed journals. I have presented a series of public lectures about my research work in national and international institutes and conferences. In addition, I have received millions of dollars grants from National Institute of Health to support my research work on oncology medication research. I have a pending grant and a pending patent on the design/development of inhibitors and my most recent work on a new generation of inhibitors. I have an extensive background in chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, and biophysical chemistry (on which I have taught a course for several years). Other than my own research work, I am familiar with inhibitors reported in the literature.

Expert Witness Response E-103887

Expert-ID: E-103887

I have been in the clinical pharmaceutical industry working for big and small pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for 30 years. I am a Ph.D. pharmacologist and I have worked in oncology and skin cancer. I have been involved in a case where comparable medical products needed to be compared. While I am not a molecular biologist, evaluating drug structures and formulations are a part of my background. I would assume there is more to this than just whether the molecules are similar. The patent should cover iterations of molecular structures and alterations.


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