Florist has Entire Collection of Rare Flowers Destroyed by Alleged Water Damage

This case involves the destruction of rare flowers in a climate-controlled warehouse. The plaintiff, a wedding florist, used a warehouse with an advanced climate-control system in order to store her bouquets before transporting them to weddings. One night, a harmful amount of water allegedly entered the climate-controlled area and ruined the florist’s entire collection of flowers.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. How did the water enter the climate-controlled area, and what else could have been done to prevent the damage?

Expert Witness Response E-004463

I would recommend an evaluation of the building to discover the conditions that led to or caused the water damage to the contents of this storage building. I have designed many climate-controlled storage buildings and I would be happy to provide an expert report as well as testimony. I have more than fifteen years of experience as both an architect and an engineer. I have performed architectural design and structural engineering from proposal through construction for commercial, institutional, healthcare, senior housing, and residential clients.


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