Fire at Sporting Goods Store Spurs Inquiry Into Neighboring Damage

This case involves a fire which caused significant damage to a large action sport goods store. The fire, which occurred at seven in the morning, burned a significant portion of the store; neither the store nor its contents could be salvaged. The owner and 4 neighboring properties claimed damage as well as personal injuries resulting from the fire. There is a good distance between the sporting goods store and these neighboring properties, with two large buildings in between them (which have sustained no apparent fire-related damages).

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Will you be able to determine if there was fire damage caused to these neighboring properties?

Expert Witness Response E-000849

Expert-ID: E-000849

I would be able to determine the feasibility of the fire spreading to the house in question. In cases like this, I would map the distances and examine the properties. Also, an analysis of the adjacent buildings may reveal the extent of the fire damage. From the summary provided, it sounds like the fire may have been too far away to cause any significant damage.


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