Financial Institution Allegedly Funds International Criminal Activity

Civil Rights ExpertThis case involves litigation targeting a financial institution. It was alleged that the financial institution knowingly financed a criminal organization by facilitating clandestine international monetary transfers. It was alleged that the funds in question were used to finance a significant bombing in which 45 people were killed and an addition 106 were injured. An expert on terrorism conflicts was sought to discuss the impact of these money transfers on the human rights and civil rights of those groups targeted by the criminal organization in question.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your educational background as it relates to terrorist conflicts.
  • 2. Please describe your familiarity with the impact these conflicts have on people and businesses.

Expert Witness Response E-099645

I have worked on terrorism issues since the early 1970s. I studied law at an international university and have subsequently worked on issues of international crime and corruption for more than fifteen years on grants funded by the US Department of Justice and State. I regularly lecture on crime and corruption to foreign diplomats going overseas as well as members of the US military and the FBI. I now serve as a consultant to a district attorney cases concerning illicit financial flows. I have served as a council member of a global economic forum on illicit trade and served as the co-founder of an organized crime group.


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