Fall from Ladder Seriously Injures Woman

This case involves a woman falling from a ladder possibly due to a deformity in the ladder. The plaintiff was fixing a deck and had the ladder propped up against the floor of her deck, which stood twelve feet above the ground. The ladder was thirteen feet in length and fully extended. As the plaintiff stood on the second rung from the top, preparing to descend, the ladder began to tip to the left causing the plaintiff to fall. This resulted in significant injuries, including $1.5 million in medical bills. The plaintiff alleges that the tilt of the ladder, which caused the plaintiff’s fall, was a result of a deformity in the ladder.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Was the construction of the ladder faulty?

Expert Witness Response E-004500

This type of case review is definitely in my area of expertise, and I’d be happy to do an analysis of the ladder. Generally, for a piece of equipment like a ladder, I would perform non-destructive testing to see if the ladder construction failed. I have spent 29 years as a metallurgical and quality assurance specialist. I have experiences in services ranging from material selection research and design considerations through processing, fabrication, welding, testing and failure analysis in the metallurgical arena. I also have experience in quality assurance system design, training and pre-certification guidance.

Expert Witness Response E-004501

I would be happy to examine the ladder and provide a detailed case review, and testify if need be. An examination of the ladder, specifically the area where the alleged deformity existed, would provide insight into the structural problems that the ladder may have had. I have worked in the field of engineering for 40 years. I am licensed in numerous metallurgic professions. I have spent my entire career in the manufacture, research, and instruction of metallurgical technology. I have also been on standards committees for welding with numerous publications and presentations, many involving ladder safety.


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