Failure to Monitor Convicted Felon Leads to Drunk Driving Accident

drunk drivingThis case involves a convicted felon who was released on parole and was required to wear an ankle monitor. The felon had been convicted of DUI on more than five occasions and caused severe injuries to multiple individuals during her fifth DUI. Because of this, after two years in prison, she was given the ankle monitor and put under house arrest for one year. While out on parole, her parole officer failed to adequately ensure that the woman’s ankle monitor was engaged. The woman became intoxicated and decided to drive to a casino. While driving, she crashed into a station wagon and killed a mother and a child in a crosswalk.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. What familiarity do you have with ankle monitors, specifically pertaining to convicted felons?

Expert Witness Response E-006317

In cases where there is a parole officer who has to monitor an individual’s movements, there is usually a set procedure that they have to follow to ensure that the ankle monitor is properly placed. Parole officers are given a checklist of items that they need to follow in order to ensure that the individual remains where they are supposed to be. In this case, given the circumstances, it seems like the parole officer was somewhat negligent. By examining the records I would be able to determine the culpability of the parole officer and the state.

Expert Witness Response E-006316

In many instances, distance can cause an ankle monitor to not give an accurate reading. This gives the individual under house arrest an opportunity to get farther than they normally would have gotten. Also, in this case, the specific steps that the parole officer took should be examined, especially if considering the instructions that were given to him/her by the state. I would be happy to confer with the attorney in the case about what went wrong. I have been trained in the area of ankle monitoring for felons and obviously some mistakes were made here.


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