Expert Discusses Ongoing Fibromyalgia Pain Following Accident

Pain Expert WitnessThis case involves a healthy middle-aged man in Wyoming who claimed to have experienced ongoing pain from fibromyalgia after suffering a slip and fall accident. On the date of the incident in question, the man was shopping at an outdoor farmer’s market when he slipped and fell due to a produce spill. Since that accident, the man has claimed to suffer from symptoms of neck and arm pain. Numerous doctors were unable to diagnose him, until a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation myofascial asserted that his symptoms were consistent with myofascial pain syndrome or fibromyalgia. It was claimed that the ongoing pain was the direct result of hie earlier fall.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. How many patients have you treated with myofascial pain syndrome?

Expert Witness Response E-044407

I have treated many people with myofascial pain syndrome – and its more widespread version fibromyalgia – over my 20+ year clinical career. I lecture about myofascial pain syndrome as part of my course on Soft Tissue Mobilization, which is a very relevant treatment for myofascial pain syndrome, though certainly only a part of the answer. Trauma is certainly a possible cause of myofascial pain syndrome, and repeated trauma may also be a trigger for re-occurrence of symptoms for this patient going forward.

Expert Bio

This highly qualified expert has over 18 years of clinical experience in Physical Therapy. He earned his BA with Honors from UC Berkeley, his MS in Physical Therapy from Columbia and his PhD in Health Science Research and Education from Touro University. He is a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist and is a member of the prestigious American Physical Therapy Association. He is active in his field with more than 40 publications focused on Physical Therapy Research. He has held numerous previous roles as a clinical Physical Therapist, a Physical Therapy educator and an administrator. Currently, he is a Consultant for an Amputee Support Group, an actively-practicing Physical Therapist, an Associate Professor of Clinical Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine and the Director of the Physical Therapy Program at a Top-Tier University.


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