Dog With A History Of Aggressive Behavior Attacks Repairman After Owner Fails to Use Leash

Canine / Animal Husbandry Expert

This case involves a repairman that was attacked by a large dog without provocation. The repairman was attacked in the front yard of the house as he approached the front door. At the time of the attack, the dog was unleashed even though the owner of the property knew that her dog had a history of aggressive behavior. An expert in animal behavior and animal husbandry was sought to opine on responsible canine husbandry and the responsibility of owners to minimize the dangers posed by even the most well-trained dogs when off leash.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Are you able to a discuss a dogs' propensity for violence and the proper handling of dogs? Please explain.

Expert Witness Response E-011422

Expert-ID: E-011422

I am an expert in animal behavior with 30+ years of experience in rottweiler husbandry and am the owner of one of the country’s top show dogs for the breed. From the brief description, I have a good idea of what likely happened here. As dogs are walked in or roam the same area for an extended period, they leave more and more markings, causing them to become increasingly territorial. Because of behavioral patterns like this, it is irresponsible, and often illegal, to leave a dog unleashed in a public or trafficked area. I write about dog training issues and am very much against leaving dogs unleashed.


Expert Witness Response E-007887

My background is in the biological sciences and anthrozoology (the study of the physiological and behavioral changes that arise when humans and animals interact). I have a great deal of experience with this subject matter, as the bulk of my clinical practice involves aggressive dogs. I am able to evaluate a dog’s behavior as it relates to the animal’s physical space as well as the owner and others in that space. With regard to this case, I can address the issue of canine aggression generally and would be able to discuss this animal specifically if provided with a comprehensive history of the animal and the event in question. I have both lectured and been published in this field.


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