Diabetic Patient Sues Invokana Manufacturer Over Insulin Depletion

A diabetic patient filed suit against a pharmaceutical company after his Invokana prescription caused him to produce high levels of blood acid ketones. He had originally been prescribed the drug for his obesity and diabetes. However, instead of alleviating his condition, the drug allegedly depleted his body of insulin to the point of hospitalization. An expert in the design and composition of Invokana was vital in discerning whether the patient’s side effects would have been less harmful had the drug been manufactured or marketed differently.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Do you routinely evaluate and study the chemical makeup of drugs?
  • 2. Would you be able to review the records and speak on the biochemistry and chemistry of Invokana?

Expert Witness Response E-005901

I am the current chair of the Drug Transport Focus Group of a national pharmaceutical association, which aims to provide a network for pharmaceutical scientists to exchange knowledge on state-of-the-art findings in the field of drug transporters. I have also been invited to present research related to drug transport mechanisms at national and international scientific meetings, and would be able to review the relevant literature to discuss the specifics of Invokana.

Expert Witness Response E-074310

Expert-ID: E-074310

I routinely evaluate the chemical and biological makeup and the subsequent effects of drugs. My academic specialty is molecular pharmacology, signal transduction, and drug discovery. I would need to review records, any relevant literature or FDA drug applications in order to comment more substantively on the case.


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