Defective Design of ATV Leads to Severe Injuries

ATV Expert WitnessThis case takes place in Colorado and involves the operator of an ATV (all-terrain vehicle). The person was operating the ATV on a construction site. The vehicle had been operating for around 45 minutes when, suddenly and without warning, the vehicle coolant overflow reservoir / expansion tank erupted, causing boiling hot water and antifreeze to spill onto the vehicle’s operator. As a result of the incident, the driver sustained severe burns covering a large portion of their lower body. It is alleged that the ATV was defective in design.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your experience as it relates to the design of ATVs (all-terrain vehicles).
  • 2. Have you previously served as an expert on a similar case?
  • 3. Please briefly explain why you believe you are qualified to serve as an expert on this case.

Expert Witness Response E-008817

I have worked on hundreds of cases related to ATVs over the past 30 years and also cases specifically related to coolant overflow.  I have unique experience and knowledge related to ATV and product development, specifically related to occupant safety. I have had numerous product cases ranging from personal injury to product defects involving this particular manufacturer. I am deeply familiar with mechanics and manuals. I’m qualified to review reports, photos, and statements of incident, and the vehicle if it is still available for inspection.


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