Defective Crib Design Suffocates Child

This case involves a 14-month old child injured by the support bars in his crib, which collapsed and suffocated him. The child was playing in his crib when the support bars collapsed, entrapped his head, which caused the child to suffocate. This left the child with significant injuries.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1.) Did the negligent design of the crib cause the child’s injuries?
  • 2.) If a safety mechanism was in place (causing the bars on the crib to lock), would the child have suffered an injury in a similar manner?

Expert Witness Response E-000256

In a product liability case like this one, it must be discovered whether the design of the crib caused the injuries to the child. I have academic and real world experiences with consumer safety standards. I have worked with firms on industrial and consumer product safety and published books and papers in the field. Also, I have been a part of consumer committees on baby crib and baby furniture standards.

Expert Witness Response E-004887

Expert-ID: E-004887

There seems to be something wrong with the design of the crib, as they should not collapse in the way that it did. In my experiences as an engineering director at a company that produced infant care products, as well as working as a forensic engineer, I have worked with attorneys on cases with infant and adult suffocation involving cribs and beds. Also, I have been published on related topics, and have experience in the field that dates back to 1982.


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