Defect Causes ATVs to Catch Fire

Product Liability Expert WitnessThis is a class action suit against a company alleging that it designs and sells certain ATVs that are defective, and therefore, prone to catch fire. It is alleged that the liquid cooling system found on ATVs of this model are prone to leaks due to their novel design, and that a gradual loss of cooling fluid during operation causes  dangerous accumulation of heat in the engine components.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Have you worked for a manufacturer of atvs in a design, maintenance, or quality control capacity?
  • 2. Are you able and available to inspect plaintiffs' atvs and help determine whether the designs are defective and prone to catch fire?
  • 3. Have you served as an expert witness before?

Expert Witness Response E-020739

This case is right in my area of expertise. I have extensive design and research experience with atvs and I am familiar with design codes. I am familiar with how good equipment is supposed to perform and I also would be able to compare this machine with what else is on the market. I am highly qualified to review this case and happy to discuss further.

Expert Witness Response E-007003

I am glad to assist with this case. I have broad experience in design, development, manufacture and quality control of engine based products. I also have a successful background in investigation, deposition and court testimony. I have reviewed a similar  case regarding a similar model mnufactured by Outboard Marine Corporation. I am available to speak as soon as possible.


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