Debt Collection Agency Allegedly Violates Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Robocalls ExpertThis case involves a debt collection agency that was the target of a Telephone Consumer Protection Act class action lawsuit. The claims alleged violations of various provisions of the statute, including calls to numbers on the national Do Not Call Registry and auto-dialed calls to cell phones. An expert familiar with ATDS functioning was sought to review the claims and investigate the auto-dialing systems in question.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • Please describe your knowledge of how automated telephone dialing systems function.

Expert Witness Response E-008768

Expert-ID: E-008768

I’ve spent my entire career in telephony and communications systems. I have a strong academic background in communications from the 1980s. I worked on developing new telephony systems in the industry and spearheaded the fusion of internet and telephony systems. There are many types of automated dialing systems. The changing interpretation of the FCC rulings has further expanded the variety of autodialers available. I am familiar with all the technologies used in these systems and able to translate their operating principles into plain language. Most modern auto dialing systems are internet enabled at some level.


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