Dangerous Retail Display Causes Fall

Retail Safety Expert WitnessThis case takes place in New York and involves a man who slipped and fell at a shopping mall. He was walking out of a store in the mall, at which tripped over an external sign that had a leg which extended into the path of the store’s entrance. The sign was being held down by tape, which was used to secure the legs of the sign to the tile floor in the mall. There were no cones or signs warning of the hazard. As a result of the fall, the man suffered a serious injury, and will require long-term care.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Do you have experience with mall safety procedures?
  • 2. What safety rules and regulations are in place to protect customers at shopping malls?

Expert Witness Response E-004539

I have been involved with several cases that occurred outside retail stores. I have experience in designing convenience stores as well as major stores. The issue is about placement of the sign in relation to the door and sidewalk. Was it necessary to use a sign that had protruding hooks when there are other safer sign systems available? Level of lighting, entrance width and other store features and layout all contribute to events of this type. I am very aware of the subject and ways it could have been avoided.


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