Construction Worker Falls From Unsafe Scaffolding

Construction Expert WitnessThis case takes place in South Carolina and involves a man who was injured falling from scaffolding which allegedly had inadequate safety measures in place, with improperly fitted rivets that could not sustain the structure. The scaffolding was used by a general contractor for the construction of a high rise building. The plaintiff fell from the scaffolding, which lacked a number of essential safety features. The injuries he incurred have now made him incapable of working and making a living. This case required an expert who understands scaffolding safety and the necessary standards and procedures required to maintain a safe environment when scaffolding is involved.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Are you familiar with industry required safety standards for scaffolding?
  • 2. Have you erected or overseen the erection of scaffolding?
  • 3. Are you familiar with the relevant OSHA standards as it relates to safe scaffolding?
  • 4. Have you served as an expert witness in a matter similar to the one above?

Expert Witness Response E-000453

I am very familiar with industry safety standards for scaffolding. I supervised footing, bracing and guardrails for scaffolding while employed with NYC School Construction Authority and NYC Transit. I am familiar with OSHA standards for scaffolding, was consultant on the publication of “Supported Scaffold Safety” a safety training DVD by Convergence Technologies, have completed 2 or more scaffolding cases as expert witness, and currently have two active cases regarding scaffolding accidents.

Expert Witness Response E-009384

There are several regulatory and industry standard requirements for the erection and maintenance of scaffold. I am very familiar with these requirements. My extensive knowledge comes from testing, installation, and instruction in the use of scaffold as well as serving as an expert in scaffold cases. Besides being a registered professional engineer, I have hands on experience with instruction, inspection, testing and installation of scaffolding in accordance with SIA, State and Federal OSHA requirements.


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