Construction Injury Leads to Lost Wages Calculation

This case involves an injury to a construction worker due to a collapsed ceiling. The plaintiff was working at a construction site for a skyscraper. While preparing to leave for lunch, the floor above him began to crack and collapsed on him. He suffered severe injuries including a fractured arm, a broken leg, a concussion, and four cracked ribs. The plaintiff needed a lost wages expert to show lost earnings due to his inability to return to work.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. What is the lost income due to the construction worker’s injury?

Expert Witness Response E-005208

Due to the severity of the injuries, this worker will probably not be able to return to construction work in the near future. As such, factors including his weekly income, any potential bonuses, insurance considerations, scheduled pay increases, and potential opportunities for increased compensation need to be considered when projecting the worker’s lost pay. I have extensive experience in calculating lost wages in construction accidents, along with other types of workplace injuries. I am an economics professor at a local university, and I have served as a lost wages expert witness on several occasions.


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