Commercial Property Damaged by Fire

Commercial Property Expert WitnessThis claim involves a mixed use property in the state of Idaho that included several floors of apartments situated above ground floor retail space with several active tenants. However, after a neighboring building caught fire due to a defective dishwasher, the apartment building was rendered unfit for habitation. As a result, all occupants of the building were displaced. As the property could no longer be leased to tenants, the owner lost a substantial source of his income, forcing him to foreclose on the property.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. A property appraiser is required to determine the value of the property in question - please explain why you're qualified to assist on this engagement.
  • 2. Have you ever served as an expert witness on a claim similar to the one described above?

Expert Witness Response E-009372

Expert-ID: E-009372

I have extensive property appraisal experience. I have appraised hundreds of properties, including a number of similar properties to the site in question. This type of expert review is right in my area of expertise. I have reviewed similar cases in the past with very positive results and would be happy to assist here.


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