Class Action Claims Baby Powder has Carcinogenic Properties

An experienced epidemiologist was needed in a civil court case between a company that manufactures baby powder and past users who claimed that the product had given them cancer. The long-term health impact of the powder was brought into question by the case, which featured a woman who used the powder up to three times a day over the course of ten years. Allegedly, the ubiquitous integration of the product into her daily life had left her at risk to long-term exposure and marketing manipulation.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Do you routinely evaluate health outcomes associated manufactured product exposure?
  • 2. Are you able to develop an analysis of cancer risks (specifically ovarian) in populations exposed to talc?

Expert Witness Response E-077939

Expert-ID: E-077939

I do routinely evaluate health outcomes attributable to manufactured products and other environmental risks. I am quite familiar with the association between talc and ovarian cancer. I am well-equipped and experienced at developing and analysis of cancer risks in populations exposed to talcum powder products.

Expert Witness Response E-062787

I have evaluated the health outcomes associated with manufactured product exposure, and would advise that I do not believe talc has a causal connection with ovarian cancer. There is a fairly recent academic paper on the topic. I would be able to develop an analysis on the case, but would not feel happy doing so because of the lack of causal association.


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