Biopharmaceutical Product Launch Causes Commercial Dispute

Advertising ExpertThis case involves a commercial dispute regarding the feasibility of an international skin care product entering the United States market. An expert in pharmaceutical marketing with experience in new product launches was sought to review the company’s product and financials to address the feasibility of successfully entering the US market.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please briefly describe your work in new product launches for biologics and/or pharmaceuticals.
  • 2. If you have any experience relating to dermatologic products, please describe.

Expert Witness Response E-143238

I have 12 years experience in marketing and launching of medical products in the aesthetic industry (dermatology, plastic surgery, and skincare) in the United States as well as overseas. My broad experience ranges over various product categories in this space, including laser equipment, skincare products, and injectable treatments. I also have significant experience with a number of dermal fillers. I worked for a client on a competitor to an injectable treatment in the United States market.

Expert Witness Response E-143239

I have 27 years of experience in pharmaceutical sales and marketing. For the last 8 years, I have consulted with several fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies and biotech upstarts on market analysis and business development opportunities, including new product launch support. My experience is primarily in the respiratory and allergic disease therapeutic areas. Dermatologic products are a peripheral sub-set in the allergy competitive space, so I do have some experience with those drug classes.


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