Allegedly Defective Drywall Leads to Workplace Injury

This case involves an injury due to a piece of drywall falling on an employee in a retail store. The employee was working in a store where construction had recently taken place. A piece of drywall fell to the floor. The employee attempted to put the piece of drywall back, but it snapped in half and crushed both of the employee’s feet. An expert in ergonomics was sought to opine on the issue.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Was the store negligent in the manner of display?
  • 2. Was the drywall defectively manufactured or designed?

Expert Witness Response E-000458

Expert-ID: E-000458

OSHA regulations under article 1910 state that items stored in the workplace must be secured properly. I would like to see the full records, as the circumstances of the situation do make a difference in this case. I am a highly qualified expert, and I am capable of reviewing the case at hand. I have numerous publications relevant to these topics. Also, I have considerable professional and academic experiences in the fields of ergonomics and engineering, making me capable of commenting on the potential for negligence on the part of the store in this case.


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