Allegedly Defective Car Wax Damages Hot Rod

allegedly defective colored car waxThis case involves damage to a plaintiff’s automobile due to allegedly defective car wax. The plaintiff purchased colored car wax for her classic hot rod, and began using it the following day. After three months of treatment, she began to notice that the paint was chipped at some areas where she had applied the colored car wax. She alleged that the car wax was defective, which caused the corrosion to the exterior of her hot rod. A forensic chemistry expert was sought to opine on this issue.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Was the colored car wax defective?

Expert Witness Response E-001131

Expert-ID: E-001131

In this case, I would examine the chemical make-up of the colored car wax, and the color and type of paint used on the automobile. I would be able to do some testing on the car wax that caused the corrosion, as well as on the automobile it ruined. I would like to view the original items (for testing), or if testing has already occurred, the results of those tests. I’d be happy to take a look at whatever you have available. I have written numerous textbooks, research papers, technical and non-technical books, and pamphlets relating to chemical testing. Additionally, I have been involved in presenting papers, speaking at conferences, and running courses during my career.


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