Airport Management Consultant Investigates Tarmac Collision

Airport Management ExpertThis case involves a plane collision on the tarmac of a regional airport. A plane with 112 passengers was standing by awaiting permission to take off. As the full plane was waiting, an empty plane en route to another gate backed into it, causing it to catch fire. The plane required immediate evacuation. An expert in airport management was sought to review the collision details and discuss tarmac safety protocol.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your experience with airport tarmac safety.

Expert Witness Response E-031691

I was in the field of airport management for 18 years and have consulted in the airport industry for the past 11. During my career, I have focused on airport safety systems. I can confidently discuss tarmac safety and operations given my all-encompassing airport management and safety experience.

Expert Bio:

This expert has 30+ years of aviation industry experience, including 18 years in airport senior management. He served as the airport director for a large international airport and as the technical director for airport operations with an aviation consulting agency. He has leveraged his expertise to provide leadership and project management services to several trade missions for The U.S., Kenya, and Brazil. He has performed hundreds of risk assessments for airport equipment, such as passenger boarding bridges. Throughout this expert’s career, many international and regional airports have sought his expertise to improve their operations.


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