4 Ways The Expert Institute Is Changing How You Find Expert Witnesses

The Expert Institute launched in 2010 with the singular goal of changing the way that attorneys, investors, and other professionals find experts. We built our company on the principles of transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness, priding ourselves on identifying the best expert for each and every circumstance. We search and screen the most qualified professionals with expertise ranging from international commercial arbitration to newly developed medical devices.

Fast-forward: We have established ourselves as the leader in our industry with what we call “The TEI Advantage.” This refers to our innovative method of providing superior service to our clients. We’ve outlined the four pillars of “The TEI Advantage.”

1) No Conflict of Interest

Most other expert witness services charge their clients by layering a fee on top of the expert’s hourly rate. As such, these services refer experts that charge lower fees, allowing them to charge a higher fee on top of the expert’s rate. These services also have a vested interested in ensuring the engagement is drawn out, as they continue to make money as long as it continues.

At The Expert Institute, we have no conflict of interest because our obligation is to our clients. We only charge a one-time flat fee at the onset of the search. Our fee is compensation for the time and research involved in finding the expert, but we aren’t interested in benefiting from a client’s lengthy engagement with that expert. There are no hidden fees, no administrative charges, or percentages taken from the expert. Our transparent process designed to serve you.

2) Dual Research Approach

Expert witness directories are generally limited in the experts they can provide because they have a finite list at their disposal. If a specific expert is not in their directory, you may get stuck with an unsuitable expert for your case.

At The Expert Institute, we utilize the best of both worlds to find your perfect expert: an existing network as well as custom recruitment. We have created an extensive network of over 3,000,000 experts we can connect you with. Just as important, however, is our custom recruitment model. We understand that litigation is complex and specialized. Because of this, we have a custom recruitment team ready to find any expert that you may need for your case. Additionally, we take into account your desired search criteria — which includes anything from experience, education, location, budget, specialty area, professional affiliations, etc.

3) Efficient Process

At The Expert Institute, our pride is providing a high-level white glove service that saves our clients time and money. Once provided with the specifics of a case, we make it our mission to find the perfect expert, and continue to search until the right expert is identified.

We gather the CV and fee schedule of each well-qualified expert we contact. In addition, each candidate is evaluated for their reliability and professionalism through our comprehensive background check. Once our search is complete, you will be presented with a number of stringently vetted expert candidates, as well as recommendations from Expert Institute researchers regarding which candidates are the strongest. After your review, you will have the opportunity to connect with expert candidates on conference calls to ensure a perfect match when making the decision to retain. We do all of this in 3-5 business days in consideration for our clients’ time-sensitive deadlines.

4) Proactive Culture

Because litigation trends emerge so rapidly, we are committed to staying abreast of any new developments and how these developments affect our clients’ witness needs. Specifically, when looking at medical device class actions, we keep up to date with any changes or possibly defective products to ensure that, if those cases arise, we are prepared to aid our clients. We want to ensure that we can accommodate any request, no matter the deadline or complexity, without sacrificing quality.

About The Author

Stephen Gomez, J.D., is a legal compliance and professional risk specialist who manages employment lawsuits for large corporate entities including, banks, fortune 500 companies, hospitals, and universities.