A New Kind of Expert Witness Service

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In 2010, The Expert Institute launched, with the singular goal of changing the way that attorneys, investors, and other professionals find experts. Fast-forward three years- we have grown and changed, finding new and innovative ways to connect with our clients. We built our company on the principles of transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness, priding ourselves on identifying the best expert for each and every circumstance. From international commercial arbitration, to newly developed medical devices, we are constantly searching for and screening well-qualified experts.

While we’ve modified our processes as we’ve expanded our services, our goals and principles remain the same. In this way, we’ve differentiated our company from others in the expert witness service business and have established ourselves as a leader in the industry. The refinement of our process is what we call “The TEI Advantage.” This represents the specific method we use to provide superior service to our clients.

1.) Unlike most expert witness services, at TEI there is no conflict of interest
As an expert witness service, we are paid to find you an expert, and we do so in an efficient manner. With regards to billing, however, other expert witness services have serious conflicts of interest that ought to be considered. Specifically, other services charge their clients by layering a fee on top of the expert’s hourly rate. Consequently, they then prefer experts that charge lower fees than others, which allows them to charge a higher fee on top of the expert’s rate, and consequently make more money – something that will clearly impact a business’ decision as to what expert to refer to a client. Layering a fee allows the service to continue to make money off the engagement as long as it continues.

At The Expert Institute, our obligation is to our clients. We charge a one-time fee, which is fully refundable (should we be unable to locate a suitable expert), at the onset of the search, and that is all. We charge a one-time fee because we want to get compensated fairly for the value we add (which is finding the expert), regardless of how long the consulting engagement lasts. We don’t feel that it is right for us to benefit from a lengthy engagement of an expert by one of our clients – the service we provide is the same regardless of the engagement duration of the expert. There are no hidden fees, no administrative charges, or percentages taken from the expert. It is a simple and transparent process designed to effectively serve you.

2.) We utilize the best of both worlds: an existing network as well as custom recruitment
Many directories, or expert witness services that list experts, are limited in what experts they can provide because they have a limited list of experts at their disposal. If a specific expert is not in their directory, then you may get stuck with the next best expert that is likely not as suitable for your case. At The Expert Institute, we have created an extensive network of over 200,000 experts with whom we can connect you with. Just as important, however, is our custom recruitment model. We fully understand that litigation is becoming increasingly complex and specialized. Because of this, we have a custom recruitment team ready to find any expert that you may need for your case. Additionally, we take into account any particular considerations (education, geographic location, work experience, etc.) that you would like us to factor into our search.

3.) We aim to be both proactive and reactive
When searching for an expert, we want to be reactive. In today’s litigation, most cases are so specialized that our clients come to us with specific requests, and we want to ensure that the expert we select is one that fits all of their criteria. If a search needs to be done quickly because of an approaching deadline, we can consider that, as well. We will not sacrifice quality, however, when performing the search. Each and every expert we present to you is selected with your unique case in mind.

In one specific way, however, we also like to be proactive. Because of the rapidity that new issues and litigation trends emerge, it is important to stay abreast of new developments, thus enabling us to be able to discuss the elements of new cases with our clients as their expert witness needs change. Specifically, when looking at medical device class actions, we keep up to date on any changes or possibly defective products to ensure that, if those cases arise, we are prepared to aid our clients.

4.) We perform the search efficiently, saving our clients time and money
In the modern litigation process, there are a number of concerns in play. Filing deadlines, pre-trial hearings, and elements of discovery all impact how cases can move along. When working with The Expert Institute, we focus on providing a high level of service, and once you provide us with the specifics of your case, finding an expert becomes one less thing you need to focus on. We will verify the expert’s CV and we will ensure that the expert does not have any conflicts with the opposing party. Also, to ensure that the expert fits, we will arrange a teleconference, providing you with the opportunity to speak with the prospective candidate before finalizing your selection. We do all of this with our clients in mind, and continue to search until the right expert(s) is identified and selected.

At The Expert Institute, identifying experts is our core competency, and we would love the opportunity to work with you in the future. Please visit our website www.theexpertinstitute.com, or call us at 888-858-9511. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have, and discuss any cases you are working on which may require an expert. We look forward to hearing from you!