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“TEI’s staff is extremely user friendly. They are very competent and timely in providing their services, and the experts they have obtained for us are highly qualified, very cooperative, and readily accessible.”

Jim Tuschman Esq.
“In more than one instance, The Expert Institute provided me with numerous highly qualified experts when I couldn’t find anyone through other means. I recommend them without reservations.”
Shareef Rabaa, Esq.
"The staff at The Expert Institute are top notch. They promptly respond to inquiries and give you honest guidance and not tell you just what you want to hear. I plan on using them in the future for all of my cases."
Clark Hicks, Esq.
"I'm very pleased with the service provided by The Expert Institute. They have streamlined my expert locating and selecting process. I plan to use them for all my expert needs in the future."
Jay Dankner, Esq.
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We've increased the "win ratio" for thousands of the world's leading firms.

Discover, the benefits of our uniquely human process. We are committed to connecting you directly with the experts that are most relevant to your individual opportunity, every time.

Building valuable and lasting relationships.

We are your partner and reliable resource for connecting you to the right expert for each individual opportunity. A dedicated client support specialist works with you directly to fully understand your needs. Each member of our client support team is an expert at finding experts and is there to ensure a successful outcome every time.

A process that yields the perfect match.

Our platform is designed to aggregate and filter an unprecedented amount of publicly available information and maintain a detailed "live" record for each active expert in our system. We leverage this data to quickly identify and preselect the most relevant expert matches on a case by case basis.

Eliminating risk by providing all relevant information.

You’re under no obligation to work with any of the candidates we identify, but we are committed to working with you until the right expert is chosen. Once retained, you engage directly with the expert for maximum transparency and ease of interaction. Each proposal contains:

  • Expert's Bio
  • Fee Schedule
  • Qualifications
  • Relevant experience
  • Inquiry specific feedback

Expert credentials are diligently evaluated and verified.

References for each candidate are interviewed to ensure that the experts we refer are not only well-qualified but also a pleasure to interact with. Prior to recommending any candidate, we confirm that the expert is well suited for the engagement and not conflicted with any associated parties.